Psalter-Songs (Souterliedekens)

Clemens non Papa set the psalm texts to the folk music of his time.  These three Psalter-Songs return to the source. Playful tunes about refined ladies, wild bunnies and blessed offspring.

year of composition



Free choice of instrumentation - vocal and/or instrumental


  • Psalm CXXVI: 1’30
  • The Nightingale: 2’
  • Over the Rhine: 1’


Of Souterliedekens nr. 126, 127 and 130 by Jacobus Clemens non Papa

Part of cycle

In memory of Clemens non Papa's 500th birthday, 50 Flemish and Dutch composers rewrote the 150 Psalter-songs by this Flemish polyphonist.

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  • Folk song lyrics and Psalm texts
  • Language
    Old Dutch


  • Psalm CXXVI
    22 April 2012, Concertgebouw Bruges (Belgium), Woodwind quartet and AMV-choir of the City Academy for Music and Drama “Clemens non Papa” Diksmuide, Siska Vandenbulcke (conductor)
  • The Nightingale
    25 September 2011, Sint-Martinuskerk Aalst (Belgium), Kristiaan Van Ingelgem (organ)
  • Over the Rhine
    14 July 2012, Saint Jacob's Church, Bruges (Belgium), participants International Bach Days, Ignace Thevelein (conductor)


The scores are freely available on the Clemens 500 website. There are also adapted scores of The Nightingale for piano and organ, available upon request.