PIANO (solo or four hands)

Solo (other instruments)


  • T-time
    Flute, oboe, clarinet and violin (1995)
  • Nocturnal Tango (Nachtelijke tango)
    Clarinet and accordion (2000)
  • Forbidden Fruit (Verboden Vrucht)
    Percussion ensemble (2001)
  • Ruach
    Clarinet and accordion (2001)
  • Laokoön
    Viola solo, oboe, soprano saxophone, two trombones, percussion (2003)
  • Soëos
    Flute and string quartet (2003)
  • Forgotten Crossroads
    Film music for vocalists (alto and bass), clarinet and piano (2004)
  • Vly
    Piano, violin and cello (2004)
  • I be not
    String quartet nr.1 (2005)
  • And darkness was upon the face of the deep
    Oboe and piano (2005)
  • Air
    Electric guitar and carillon (2005)
  • Lamentatio and Canzona
    Three trumpets (2007)
  • Helices
    String quartet nr.2 (2007)
  • Tivoli
    Flute quartet (2008)
  • Arte da Fuga
    Five cellos and tape (2008)
  • “General Herman” – secrétaire
    Office supplies (2009)
  • Psalter-Songs (Souterliedekens)
    Variable vocal-instrumental setting (2011)
  • Music for a Spaceport (Muziek voor een Ruimtehaven)
    Violin, clarinet, cello and piano (2013)
  • The Emerald Bell (De Smaragden Klok)
    Piano and string quintet (2013)
  • DSK
    Flute, violin, contrabass, guitar, accordion and piano (2013)
  • Campanella
    Clarinet and piano (2013)
  • Cambridge Junction
    Violin and piano (2013)
  • Devil Hill
    Trumpet and piano (2015)


  • Sketches
    Piano and voice (1987-1993)
  • Catulli Carmen
    Bass and piano (1993)
  • Song of Thanks (Danck-liet)
    Lyrics by Jacob Revius. Voice and piano (1996)
  • A Hero's Virtue (Heldendeugd)
    Lyrics by Pjeroo Roobjee. Voice and piano (2000)
  • Pan
    Setting ad libitum (2002)
  • Origin (Gen)
    Soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (2002)
  • E.G.O.
    Soprano and piano (2002)
  • Infans
    Lyrics by Lotte Mariën. One female voice, four male voices, carillon (or percussion) and organ (or accordion) (2003)
  • Summer Solstice (Zomer - zonnewende)
    Lyrics by Aleidis Dierick. Soprano with guitar (2004)
  • Erbarme Dich (J. S. Bach)
    Arrangement for alto and string quartet (2006)
  • I Will Hear It (Ik zal het hooren)
    Lyrics by Multatuli. Tenor, cello and piano (2010)
  • Rosario!
    Lyrics by Rosario Castellanos. Alto and figured bass (2010)


  • Song of the Spirit (Lied van de Geest)
    Lyrics by Aleidis Dierick. Soprano solo, female choir and organ or string quintet (1996)
  • We Praise Thee (U komt de lof toe)
    Four-part mixed choir (2000)
  • Divisit
    Lyrics by Wouter De Bruyne. Bass solo, horn and female choir (2000). In memory of Juliaan Wilmots.
  • Nachtgesang
    Lyrics by Friedrich Hölderlin. Mezzosoprano solo and female choir (2001)
  • Kojiki
    Based on the old Japanese creation story. Mixed choir (2003)
  • The Wrong of Spring
    Lyrics by William Shakespeare. Six-part mixed choir (2005)
  • South African Drinking Song (Suid-Afrikaans Drinklied)
    Lyrics by W.J. Du Plessis Erlank. Choir (two or four equal voices or mixed choir) (2005)
  • King Goeyvaerts! (Koning Goeyvaerts!)
    Lyric reference to Giorgio de Chirico. Mixed choir and vocal quartet (2006)
  • Kuss
    Lyrics by Friedrich Schiller. Three-part female choir (2007)
  • 24 12 1914
    To Psalm lyrics. Men's choir, soloists (CT, T, Bar, B) and two bugles (2009)
  • Night Song (Nachtlied)
    Lyrics by Jos Stroobants. Mixed choir (2010)
  • Lamtietie, damtietie
    Lyrics by C. J. Langenhoven. Two equal voices or mixed choir (2011)
  • The Praise of Folly (Laus Stultitiae)
    Lyrics by Desiderius Erasmus. Mixed choir (2011)
  • Metamorphosis (Metamorfose)
    Lyrics by Gerrit Komrij. Three-part female choir (2011)
  • Psalter-Songs (Souterliedekens)
    For variable vocal-instrumental setting (2011)
  • Trouble
    Lyrics by Arundhati Roy. Mixed choir and vocal quartet (2011)
  • Bestiarium
    Lyrics by Alain Pringels. Female choir, string quintet and piano. In collaboration with Karel Van Marcke (2012)
  • Annual Rings (Jaarringen)
    Lyrics by Annie Van Keymeulen. Female choir, soloists and harp (2012)
  • Dream of Sounds (Klankendroom)
    Lyrics by Hugo Visser. Eight choirs (2013)
  • Unfinished Landscape (Onvoltooid Landschap)
    Lyrics by Annelies Verbeke. Children's choir, youth choir, community choir, concert choir, percussion, saxophone quartet and narrator (2014)
  • The Canon
    Warm-up canon, own lyrics (2015)
  • Rakvere
    Lyrics by Peter Theunynck. Narrator, eight-part mixed choir and bicycle bell (2016)
  • White Songs
    Lyrics by Helen White. Female choir (Upstream), men’s choir (Mouth full of birds), mixed choir (Anchorite) (2016)
  • Pazapa
    Own lyrics. Children’s choir (2017)
  • Mühleis Lieder
    Lyrics by Volkmar Mühleis. Men's choir (2015-2018)



Maarten Van Ingelgem (b. 1976) studied at the conservatories of Brussels (piano, with Jan Michiels) and Antwerp (composition, with Wim Henderickx). In addition to his work as piano instructor and accompanist, he runs the composition class at the Academy of Dilbeek (near Brussels) and is currently Guest Professor of Composition at LUCA School of Arts, Lemmens campus (Leuven).

He conducts the Ghent-based chamber choir for contemporary music De 2de Adem (The Second Wind) and is one of the bass singers of Aquarius, also dedicated to contemporary vocal music.

His oeuvre as a composer ranges from solo work to string quartets, from a chamber opera to a piano concerto, for which he was awarded the Contemporary Music Prize of the Province of East Flanders. Sabam (the Belgian Author Society) honoured him with the Golden Poppy for his choral oeuvre, and, twice, he became laureate of the European Award for Choral Composers.